You Can Do This, Too

You Can Do This, Too

I put together this quick example of how the "gurus" use resources just like us to build viral content and massive opt-ins.

In this example, you could do this exact same thing using Videowrapper, Inboxr, and Members Kit (Members Kit closes Tuesday).

Here's the post if you want to see it:

Here's the quick video I posted into Facebook for you to see this in action:

This is how you would use each tool:

Videowrapper exampleVideowrapper (click here to see the sales page): Videowrapper lets you "wrap" your video with a header and/or footer.  In the example, you see EXACTLY what you could do with Videowrapper.  There is a header and footer space, with text in each one.

Inboxr (click here to see the sales page):  When you comment, Anik's team uses a chatbot to send you details.  You can do that with Inboxr!  Inboxr has many more features, but that one feature alone is well worth the one-time price of Inboxr.

Members Kit (click here to see the sales page- only available until Tuesday): The final element is sending you to an opt-in page where you get access to a free course.  This is part of a membership platform.  You can create a free (or paid) membership area to offer a course in Members Kit!

The great thing about each of these resources is that they are currently a one-time price.  Each of the tools is very reasonable on the price (which is part of why we like them so much) and provides a great value.

Videowrapper (click here for the sales page) starts at $49 (check for a coupon) to wrap 50 videos a month.  Honestly, most of us will never create 20 videos in a month, let alone 50.  For those that need more than 50 videos a month, there's an unlimited option.  There will be additional offers.  The graphics upsell has some interesting graphics that may be useful.  For agency users, you'll want the second offer.

Inboxr (click here for the sales page) is $47 for the main product.  This is amazingly inexpensive considering all the features you get.  It has the main purpose of acting as a chatbot and customer service tool (through Messenger).  There are additional features like subscriptions through Messenger and finding viral content.  The upsells may be worth it for those of you that want templates (offer 1) and additional training (offer 2).

Members Kit (click here for the sales page) is a great option at $39 for 5 sites.  If you want to upgrade to unlimited, there is an upgrade option for $67.  Then, there is a training offer for $97.  This is a drag and drop membership site - so if you've never built websites or have no idea how to make this's super easy (and we'll help you).

With each of these software programs, we offer bonuses!  Feel free to contact us through support with any questions by submitting a ticket at



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