Video Software

Whether you want to embrace it or not, video software is a critical component of lead generation.  It helps to drive traffic and (when utilized correctly) it assists with conversions.

Reportedly, YouTube is the second largest search engine (second to Google, the owner of YouTube).  A video is an important part of the user experience.

Resources mentioned in this article:

Doodly- Doodle Software with whiteboard/blackboard/glass board options

Viddyoze - Intros/Outros/Overlays and other awesome features

Recastly - Captions/Subtitles, Voice-over, translations

VideoMakerFX - Template Videos you can make in minutes

Slideshow options: Adobe Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker (Free) for PC (or you can try the FB method)

Video Software for Lead Generation

Video software supports lead generation, especially when used as a source of traffic.  There are dozens (if not hundreds) of video software resources.

To help you select some options, we've reviewed some of the top video software programs for various categories.

Video Software for Doodle Videos

We have tried a few different doodle video options, but our favorite (by far) is Doodly.  Some of the best features include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Choice of whiteboard, chalkboard (with 2 different color options), and even glass board
  • Choice of hands or choose no hand
  • Includes template characters and props - or upload your own
  • Template club option
  • Includes royalty-free music options
  • Option to record voice-over
  • 3 Pricing Options to meet your budget

To get Doodly, click here.  Here is a video that took less than 10 minutes to make and export:

Video Software for Intros and Outros

There are not many options for very cool intros and outros to videos.  Intros and outros are specialty elements for branding and creating engaging videos. 

Typically, these are rather basic...but Viddyoze takes branding and engagement to a completely new level.

Now, you can create videos worthy of the big screen. 

In this example, we quickly selected an intro, an outro and some special overlays to add to the doodle video (we can't do this software justice in just one video- check out the sales page here for more examples):

Video Software for Captions and Voice

Many people are "camera-shy".  They do not want to show up on a video, and they surely do not want to do their own voice-over.

What options do we have?  Well, how about generated voice?

No matter which way you go, if you have any type of voice in your video- you need captions! 

It is critical that people can view your words when it is not optimal to hear the video.

For these options, we highly recommend Recastly.  They just launched, so you have a few more days to get in on the intro price by clicking here

While the intro level is fine for most people with videos less than 10 minutes, we recommend you pick up the pro and the video hosting.

We'll show you over time why that is!  Key among these are changes that YouTube has made recently. 

If you purchase the video hosting, you have options for overlays with clickable action.  Youtube allows this, but only once you "qualify".

Best Template Video Software

If you are looking for a really easy software that works off of a template (you pick which template you want to use), VideoMakerFX is the resource you need.  You can check out the sales page here

The reason I like this software is that it gives your video that cleaner powerpoint look without having to use powerpoint.  You have a significant range of options to customize, but you can literally use this "out of the box" (it's not a physical product though).