Sociible Review

Sociible Review

Sociible is a great software to help you monetize your efforts on Facebook!  We've talked about how you can monetize with CONTENT marketing on Facebook.

Well, Sociible solves the problems with monetizing your content marketing Facebook efforts.

Skip my review (but come back) and see the sales page here.

Here's a video where I talk about strategy:

Here's a demo of Sociible with some more explanation on strategy:

Content Marketing

In our Lead Generation Source weekly webinars, we talk about how content marketing is preferred by Facebook.  We have even shown how you can share content to have a viral post on your own fan page - then turn that viral post into increased likes on your page, and monetize that traffic with a chatbot.

When you share content, you provide value to your visitors...but you're also driving traffic to someone else's offers.  For some shared posts, your efforts may not benefit you.  That's ok because you're building your page value with your visitors - but what if you could share great content AND turn it into monetization when they go to someone else's page?

Enter Sociible

This is where Sociible comes in handy.  Instead of sharing content and people forgetting about your brand/service/product, you can use Sociible to provide the information AND share your product/service/brand with fans that click on your post.  This is because Sociible scoops up the information and shows it on their website - where you can add an overlay.

Here's an example of how you can monetize with Sociible:

Sociible Strategy


We never write a review if we don't recommend the product!  Keep in mind that you need to get what is within your budget and your marketing strategy.  For those who know me (Kim), you know I LOVE software and tend to get every element when I I'll cover some considerations with each level.

*Prices may vary from what is listed based on when you see the offer.

Main Product: Choose from the Lite version ($27) or the Pro version ($37) one-time fee.  For the $10 more, you get access to 8 more FB pages, Twitter (not available on the lite version), 4X the campaigns, and 4X the content streams.  It's hard not to recommend the Pro version so you can grow (or, if you're like me - open up the resource on more FB pages).

1st Upsell/OTO 1: This is the Unlimited Agency License ($37/month or $47/quarterly).  This is a recurring price and gives you access to unlimited FB pages, twitter accounts, posting, content streams, and you can use it for client campaigns.  I usually avoid recommending recurring payments, but the unlimited is a great feature.  It makes sense it needs a recurring payment to help maintain the level of resources to support this!  If you post a few times a day...this is definitely something you should get.  If you do decide to get this - go for the quarterly and save yourself a bundle.

2nd Upsell/OTO2: Sociible Rebrand ($97).  Without this, you'll have the sociible site listed (or whatever URL they use).  With this upsell, you can brand the campaigns with custom domains.  For those of you that want to have consistency with a brand - this is for you!

3rd Upsell/OTO3: Overlay Template Bundle ($67) lets you open up more templates for the overlays.  I'm always a sucker for more templates on resources I use.  It helps me mix it up and find what works right!

For those on a budget: my minimum recommendation is the Pro version with a heavy consideration on the 1st upsell to unlimited.  We teach a method to help your content go viral (those of you who come to the Wednesday weekly webinars have heard about this and seen examples).  You really want the ability to post unlimited content.

Bonuses from Lead Generation Source:

Bonus #1: Access to our viral Facebook post training (included in the Setting Up A Facebook Page Course).  If you are new to Facebook, this course will not only walk you through how to set up your page and the resources you can use to get it set-up...but it includes the strategy and discussion of resources on how to make your posts go viral.

Bonus #2: Access to the Marketing on Pinterest Course.  In December, we are releasing a little-known trick to get your pins shown to more people!

Bonus #3: 30 videos done for you!  Choose from 3 templates - you provide 6 images and 6 captions, we'll do the rest!

Bonus #4: Strategy examples showing from start to finish as illustrated in the image above.  You'll get some good training included with your purchase, but we'll kick it up a notch and help you explore those untapped marketing areas. (This will not be ready until after the launch.)

OTO 1 Bonus:  For those of you that opt for the unlimited posts, we'll also give you access to a software program called Recastly (we'll give you the Pro version).  This can help you wrap videos.  We will include a Q&A webinar specifically related to Recastly.

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to hop into the Lead Generation Source group and ask them - or contact us through support at:


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