Omniwebinars has Launched

As you may or may not know, I share most of my information on live webinars.  Why?  Well, that's what works for me.  I like to put together a presentation or at least some information and then share that information with people. 

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Live webinars give me a chance to answer questions immediately, instead of post something (like this) and not have the chance to answer questions.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to run a webinar for every single item that releases.  

Today, Omniwebinars launched.  Normally, I'd tell you about the launch and give you a link (which I still will on today's webinar, if I have time).  Since I can't do that on Facebook, or YouTube, or Pinterest...or just about any software platform - I created this page to give some content and let you click over easier.

I test TONS of software, and the great thing about webinar platforms is that you can reach many people all at once. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is available when you provide the webinar.  Perhaps you have information you can share that doesn't change or isn't time sensitive.  Evergreen webinars let you offer a webinar when the person is ready (and it's basically just a recording of a webinar).  You can record these in advance, so you don't have to do it live!

For example, you want to give people a detailed overview of a product, service, or even just information.  If you post the information on YouTube, you can get some traffic and get some information- but YouTube videos are most effective if they are short.  What do you do for longer pieces of information?

Well, webinars are a great way to give detailed information!  

I'll answer any questions live today, but I needed this page to give you a way to access the link!  

I don't have many followers (yet), but anyone interested in purchasing this can join me on special "how-to" webinars.  Video is critical right now (we'll talk about this again, today) and this gives you some really good options.

If you haven't clicked over, let me tell you some prices.

I pay $497 a year for Demio (it was a special launch price) and it does not do "evergreen" webinars.  I need this software to offer evergreen webinars- so, I already purchased this earlier today.  

Demio has issues with replays, sending out notifications, and a dozen other problems.  It's still much better than it was when I first started, but if I wanted to use a more established webinar platform, it would really cost me $500 per month for the same level I have at Demio. 

I like Demio, I'll probably keep it- but it's great to have a one-time price option for the webinar platform.  Especially since I literally didn't use Demio until the end of the first year that I had it!

If you have a club, a study group of some sort, people you can teach something to - webinars are awesome!  If you don't have people yet, but want to do's a great resource to have.

This is such a great price, I specifically signed up to offer it.  This one is an affiliate offer (which means I make some money when you purchase) - but that helps me pay for all the software and resources, to bring you the best information possible.  

All of the software I have offered so far, has had some sort of price increase after the launch.  If you want to get this at the entry price- you'll need to get it soon!

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