Members Kit Review

Members Kit Review

This is only a 3 day launch- so if you have any interest at all in a membership site, you should check it out now:

Kim's Video Overview

Kim mostly discusses strategy and how useful a membership area is when marketing.  Make sure you check out the sales page for more details.

Why A Membership Site?

Information is critical.  Yes, there is plenty of free information available but it's scattered and disconnected.

YouTube tried to solve this problem with playlists.  Sometimes it works, but usually, it doesn't.  I set up a members area because of this issue.

My goal was to provide concepts in small enough pieces that you can take action after each video.  If I posted those on YouTube individually, someone could easily get lost or misunderstand the steps.  Having a place to organize the videos (and keep them private so people didn't access more sensitive information) is a great way to provide value to your audience.

See Members Kit Here:

Give Something To Get Something

A membership site is also a great way to GIVE something in exchange for the coveted email address.  If you're a member of Lead Generation Source, you may have heard me explain this in last week's webinar.

You provide access to a free or paid membership area.  You provide great content and they provide their email to get access to it.  You now have 2 primary methods of getting your information in front of your audience.

This means you can now target the 95-97% of your market that most people miss!  You build a relationship with your audience.

Recurring Revenue

Business models have changed drastically over the last several years.  Remember when you could get software programs for a one-time fee?  Everyone has shifted to recurring revenue.  This is a HUGE asset in business.

Membership sites can give you recurring revenue.  Provide drip content (delay showing content by a # of days - currently up to 180 days) and you can charge a monthly fee for people to access the content.

Membership Sites Were Hard (Until Now)

It took me months of research and purchasing 2 different membership platforms to finally settle on the one I have.  I like that program and will keep it (because I put a ton of work into it and don't want to move all of that content), but this option is VERY easy to use.  My membership site requires 5 plugins to operate correctly, and it still doesn't work 100% of the time.

Members Kit is very easy to create membership sites.  If you get the pro upgrade, you can easily build a wide variety of free and paid memberships.


Brett and Mike offer a TON of bonuses with the purchase - you can see those on the sales page:

Specific from Lead Generation Source:

Bonus #1 - Members Kit Bonus Training from Lead Generation Source: This is where we'll share:

  • Strategy
  • Case Studies
  • Free resources you can use in your memberships

Bonus #2 - Strategy webinars: we'll follow-up with the training from Brett and Mike with our own webinar.  You can ask questions, get answers, and we'll expand on strategy examples.  Naturally, we'll also complement with any applicable resources!

Bonus #3 - Article Rewriter Pro: re-write articles easily with this software!  Make sure each of your pages are unique so you have a better chance of ranking in the search engines!




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