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Are you ready to increase your traffic, leads, and sales?

This series will help you build your presence on more marketing channels and OPTIMIZE those channels to reach more people.

You’ll also get the strategy and tips that help you connect with more people, and the people that match your offers!

The video below provides an overview of the Marketing Master Series.  You can sign up HERE.

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Today, you need to implement multiple digital marketing methods to reach your audience.  We’ll cover several digital marketing methods and strategies – you can pick the ones that fit your niche or implement them all!  The choice is yours, but you’ll get all the details to help you be everywhere.

Marketing Foundations & Optimization

Build or strengthen your marketing efforts by implementing core foundation elements.  Then, find your target audience easier with optimization.  The series will cover each platform for creating the right foundation and ideal optimization.

Expand and Strengthen Your Marketing

Once you have built your foundation and optimized your content, channels, and marketing- it’s time to expand!  Grow your traffic, leads and sales through expanding to other channels and implementing retargeting with ads.

Next Steps

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Review The Schedule

I will do my best to stick to this schedule.  There is A LOT of content for each webinar (you will get the webinar link after signing up for the series).

The idea is to get through the assigned content before the next webinar (generally, there are 2 weeks between each webinar).

Webinars will cover a topic or several topics, assign the content for the next webinar, and then open for limited Q&A.

This is the anticipated schedule:

Aug 8th: SEO Foundation: Keyword Research & Backlinks Overview

Aug 22nd: Backlinks & Automation

Sept 5th: Email Marketing

Sept 19th: Content Marketing & Blogging Basics

Oct 3rd: Pinterest Marketing

Oct 17th: Facebook Marketing

Oct 31st: Video Marketing/YouTube

Nov 14th: Instagram

Dec 12th: Ads Retargeting

Webinar Replays

Webinar replays will be available on our YouTube Channel AND added to the appropriate sections for that week.

The webinars will NOT walk you through how to do everything.  They are high level, focused mostly on strategy or mapping the steps.

After watching the webinar, you will need to log into the members area and watch the associated videos.  These videos will walk you through the steps to set up everything and the “how-to”.

Since the webinar link may change, I minimized the number of places to sign up.  You will get the link after signing up.

Sign up for the Marketing Master Series HERE.