GrooveKart Review

GrooveKart Review

GrooveKart is our most recent eCommerce specific review and recommendation.  One of our focus areas in Lead Generation Source is eCommerce.  We like eCommerce because it is a great way to build a business.

Skip my banter and check out the GrooveKart sales page here.

You can see a demo of GrooveKart by clicking here.

Here's a video review from Kim,explaining some of the pricing differences between Groovekart and Shopify

We absolutely love the Print on Demand model but our secret is that we do not exclusively sell Print on Demand.  We use a combination of methods in eCommerce.  To make this happen, we sell on our own site and used Shopify.

Unfortunately, Shopify is expensive when you add on all the different apps necessary to convert buyers at a decent level, it costs quite a bit.  While we do well with other channels as well, the goal is always to shift the customers to YOUR customers so you make more money.

To give you an example, in order to purchase and offer the print on demand shoes, we have to pay for an app to connect to Shopify.  That costs us $30 a month.  To offer an exit offer that plays on the psychological nature of the customer- that's another $15 a month.  If we want to offer a bundle deal, that's another $19.99 a month.  These apps are included for free in GrooveKart.

MANY of the Shopify apps take a percentage of your sales.  I guess they figure if their app makes you money, they get a cut.  I can't help but feel like it's a type of extortion.  That percentage is ON TOP of what they charge for the app.  Here's an example of an upsell/cross-sell app that takes $30 per month and then "pricing varies based on traffic and orders"...this is code for it costs you more money if you have a lot of sales (or even a smaller amount of sales).

While I liked Shopify because it was so much easier than setting up a WordPress store - GrooveKart is even easier and cheaper!  It's also easy to get a bad taste in your mouth once you compare the prices between Shopify and GrooveKart.

See for yourself by clicking here.

Naturally, we recommend the annual pricing at $497 per year.  That makes the price $42 per month.  Just the basic plan on Shopify is $30 a month, and you get none of the apps you need for success.

Now, don't get me wrong - Shopify is ESTABLISHED.  It has more options (of course, those options cost money) and has a history of stability.  GrooveKart may have some growing pains at first.  That's not to say Shopify is perfect.  Our Shopify sites have bogged down and gone offline in the past.

Clearly, there are no guarantees of success with GrooveKart either - but they have gone through great lengths to help you succeed.  As long as you purchase by December 16th, you get access to their academy training.  For those of you Trex members, you know that costs $97 a month for sub-part training and even sales pitches.  GrooveKart's training looks to be very helpful and since it's included in the price, the value of your purchase is that much higher.

If you are looking for an eCommerce solution where you can build a site fast and get going quickly - GrooveKart is for you!

I can't do this justice, so check out the sales page here for more information.



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