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ECommerce Master Series

Do you want to create your own eCommerce business?

Do you have an eCommerce business and want to expand to additional marketing opportunities?

The video below outlines the modules and information you get access to when you sign up for the ECommerce Master Series (it’s currently free).

You can sign up HERE.

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eCommerce Business Models

Every “guru” out there says their eCommerce business model is the best.  Each one has pros and cons – part of the series will help you identify which eCommerce Business model fits YOU.  You can also get answers to finding products and identifying your niche before you decide on the business model.

Print On Demand + Marketplaces

Even though we sell on many different channels and marketplaces, Print on Demand is one of our favorite opportunities.  We’ll have a section dedicated just to this business model + we’ll talk about different the different marketplaces out there and which ones you want to be on.

Marketing Channels + Strategy

If you don’t want to pay for ads (or pay too much for ads), you should additionally participate in the Marketing Master Series.  In this series, we’ll focus on specific eCommerce marketing methods.  For example, keyword research is a little different for eCommerce as is content marketing and how you present information on marketing channels.  Most of the series will focus on marketing methods specifically for eCommerce.

Next Steps

Sign up for the eCommerce Master Series by clicking HERE.

Review The Schedule

I will do my best to stick to this schedule.  There is A LOT of content for each webinar (you will get the webinar link after signing up for the series).

The idea is to get through the assigned content before the next webinar (generally, there are 2 weeks between each webinar).

Webinars will cover a topic or several topics, assign the content for the next webinar, and then open for limited Q&A.

This is the anticipated schedule:

Aug 1st: eCommerce Business Models

Aug 15th: Niche/Marketing/Keyword Research

Aug 29th: Product Research

Sept 12th: Print On Demand

Sept 26th: eCommerce Marketplaces

Oct 10th: Content Marketing/Blogging/Creating Unique Mockups

Oct 24th: eCommerce Marketing: Email Marketing

Nov 7th: eCommerce Marketing: Pinterest

Nov 21st: eCommerce Marketing: Facebook

Dec 5th: eCommerce Marketing: Video Creation/YouTube

Webinar Replays

Webinar replays will be available on our YouTube Channel AND added to the appropriate sections for that week.

The webinars will NOT walk you through how to do everything.  They are high level, focused mostly on strategy or mapping the steps.

After watching the webinar, you will need to log into the members area and watch the associated videos.  These videos will walk you through the steps to set up everything and the “how-to”.

Since the webinar link may change, I minimized the number of places to sign up.  

Sign up for the ECommerce Master Series HERE.