If you have followed the Lead Generation Source webinars for any period of time, you know that I absolutely love chatbots.  Unfortunately, there are many different options at different price points.  Until recently, I really liked Chatmatic and encouraged anyone and everyone to get it.  While I still love Chatmatic, the owner has yet to release the updated version and I only have a link to the "old version".  Until I get clarification, I would wait to see what happens.

Since I don't want you to wait to get a resource, and then have to pay more than you should- I went in search of some new resources.  I found 3 that work to replace the features of Chatmatic...and all three together do much more- and for a cheaper price.

Right now, you should get Social Jacker while the price is still low!

This lets you do a lot, but the key thing is that you capture emails with it.  You can also create a help chat for your website (even on Shopify- though, I'll have to help you with that).

Here is the video from the webinar on 1/31/18 where I talk about these more (I will update this page later this week with better details):