Automation Bundle Review

Automation Bundle Review

AutomationBundle might be the best thing to hit the market in years.  There is truly a full suite of tools to help you simplify your life.

Now, let's be honest - there are so many resources that you may not use them all...but that's ok!  For the price of AutomationBundle, you get your "money's worth" when you use just 1 of the apps.

Here's a quick overview of the options available to you (see the sales page here):

Here's my longer review of the 12 apps included in the front end:


It's hard not to get excited about all of the tools!  The sales page outlines all of the details of the apps, but I am going to highlight a few that I really like for lead generation and ecommerce.

VideoBuilder 2.0

This is a 3D-animated avatar creator for video.  I regularly talk about how video is an important component of online marketing.  Even though we all wish there was one "best" solution...there isn't such a thing.

Having multiple video tools is a great way to engage your audience and keep your content fresh (even if you recycle the concepts).  It's hard not to think of the Parks and Recreation television show episode where a local television plays a 3D animated version of Leslie talking to the tribal leader about an upcoming event.  Despite the humor, part of the reason it made it into the show was that people loved the 3D animation!


Vector graphics are a great way to set yourself apart from other digital marketers.  Having professional graphics is usually a bit pricey, especially if you need more than one or two.  This app will help you create those professional-looking graphics that you need to set yourself apart.

Canvas by Dropmock

This tool is hyper-focused on a specific feature in Facebook - but it's a critical one!  Over the last year or so, Facebook has been testing video-based Facebook page covers.  The testing went well, and now that feature is available to everyone (though, I will warn that FB tends to constantly who knows).  This is a great tool to help your Facebook Page stand out in the sea of Facebook pages.


Even though there are multiple apps I like, this might have been the one that made me really excited.  Livestreaming is not as easy as it SHOULD be- and almost everyone that does it successfully uses a tool.  Oh, did I mention that live streaming can help you RANK your videos better than if you were just to load them (specifically, rank YouTube videos...I've tested this and it's absolutely true).  This will be one of the apps I play with first!

VideoSpin Blaster

Here's another video tool!  Like I said, you need to have a variety of options available for video.  How about the ability to create multiple videos at once?  Only a couple of tools have that capability.  Now...don't get me wrong - one really good video is the best type of video.  BUT, you still need to test videos with your market, products, and strategies.  For those of you that want to master YouTube traffic - this is a great app to help with that!

Right...I said I wasn't going to highlight all of them, so I'll stop there (though, the rest of them are also awesome with syndication, a webinar resource, and more).  I get so excited about the VALUE here.

Ready to get your apps?  Head on over to the sales page by clicking here.

Let's Talk About The Upsells

It's not very often that you feel like EVERY upsell offered is a great value.  Each offer after the first one just gives you that much more to help you automate and build your empire (because aren't we all building empires?). *Please note the pricing may be different when you go through the sales funnel as some prices may increase over the 7 days.

OTO1 ($44): Automation Bundle Deluxe - The first upsell offer is for more apps...with agency licenses to all of the apps!  That means you can use them for commercial purpose and for other businesses.  I covered the apps that are in this upsell in the first video - but this is also well worth the value!

OTO2 ($67): Funnel Platform Website Builder + Agency Rights - This is an insane value.  There is no way I can do this justice.  The short version is that you can build a website, and host it with this resource!  There are options to build funnels- which is critical for a successful business that SELLS anything.

OTO3 ($34): Automation Secrets Magazine: 2 years access to this monthly magazine!  A great tool to help you stay on top of what is trending and what is available.

OTO4 ($37): Secret Masterclass: This is access to recordings from prior conventions.  You get to hear from the mouths of the experts on their strategy, resources, and successes!

Check everything out by clicking here!


There is so much value with the offer, it's hard to come up with a complimentary bonus.  I know a lot of affiliates will shove a bunch of "valuable" bonuses that you will never use into their offers to make it look awesome.

We aren't like that.  We want to offer you bonuses that have a real-world value and HELP you (and you have a better chance of using)!  This means most of our bonuses will be "unannounced".  Basically, we'll develop bonuses as we go to complement the resources and your needs.  You still get these as our announced bonuses:

Bonus #1: Access to Lead Generation Source's Bonus training: we might make this webinar based, but we will have videos with strategy (this will not update until after the close of the launch)!

Bonus #2: Access to the course: How to Build a WordPress Website.  This course will walk you through how to set up a WordPress website.

Bonus #3: Marketing with Pinterest Course.  We have some secrets on how you can stand out on Pinterest (well, we're loading them this you know they are very updated).

Bonus #4: Setting Up A Facebook Page Course.  We'll need to update this to include your new app...but this will help you complete your Facebook page and even walks you through strategy to build those fans!

*Bonuses SHOULD automatically create a membership for you at  If you have questions on the bonuses, do not get the information, or have any issues - please submit a ticket through support:

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