Audioflow Review

Audioflow Review

Videos are a critical part of marketing.  Yet, they often seem out of reach.

While there are options for recording videos with your cell phone or even capturing your computer screen (which I frequently do for the courses), those videos serve a specific audience at a specific time.

If the resource is easy to access and just about anyone can use it, then that means it is likely to be less engaging.

As marketers, we need to find creative ways to engage our audience.  I use a wide range of tools for my marketing efforts.  Many of my tools cost monthly, so most of the Lead Generation Members tend to shy away from those tools.

In the review, we'll show off the tools and Kim talks about how this can help marketers (as briefly as possible...well, the Kim version of brief).

If you want to skip my banter and see the sales page, go here:

Until Saturday, November 24th at 23:59pm Eastern Time (USA), you can get access to a one-time price for one (actually 2 with the upsells) of the tools I absolutely adore.

*Use Coupon Code: "thankyou" to get $15 off the first two offers!

I created 3 videos to show you the tools and then the bonuses we have included when you purchase through our link here:





This is the first product offered.  It gives you access to hundreds of music tracks you can use in your videos.  Additionally, you have a text to speech option.  This item is $59 (use coupon code "thankyou" to save $15 while the code is valid and it's only $44).


Additional AudioFlow tracks, SOUND EFFECTS (this is super cool), more voice options for the text to speech, and access to the monthly club - without the monthly price!  This is $67 (use coupon code "thankyou" to save $15 while the code is valid and it's only $52)...and it's a one-time fee!


Vidgeos Pro.  The first two tools focused on audio.  This add-on is pretty cool.  I cannot do it justice in the description, but you can do really neat things like AUTOMATIC text translations.  If you are like me, your audience is more than one language.  It's tough to create videos without having to have each one professionally translated (which I don't do, I just pray YouTube does a good job).  There are some super cool effects you can do, and you can even have a "smart video".  That means you can make the video automatically adjust to your audience.  You'll be blown away when you get to this sales page.  This upsell is a one-time fee of $47.

Make sure you grab this before the launch ends on Saturday, November 24th at 11:59pm eastern standard time.

If you got all three of these (using the coupons on the front-end and OTO1), you would invest a total of $143.  That's less than 4 months of just one of my tools at a monthly price.  Just the first option alone will save me hundreds of hours each year and at least hundreds of dollars.

Now, for those of you that know me, you know I'm pretty blunt and will let you know if a product will be available after the launch close.  Typically, I know this based on my purchase or promotion of products from the same vendors...but this is my first time promoting this vendor.  I have tested the products, and they are VERY nice and easy to use.  I 100% recommend all of the products, but I have no idea if the launch close will be a hard close on the 24th.

The information provided to us is that the price will switch to an annual price after the launch.  That makes sense considering the resources necessary to maintain everything provided.  I recommend you purchase this BEFORE the launch closes to avoid the increased and recurring prices.


  1. Access to the Founding Membership of Lead Generation Source.  Includes several training courses to help you with your marketing efforts (and you'll continue to get access to newly released courses in the future).
    1. How to build a WordPress Website
    2. Marketing with Pinterest
    3. Octosuite Bonus Training
    4. Search Engine Optimization
    5. Sell on Etsy Like a 1 Percenter (this course alone sells for $97)
    6. Setting up a Facebook Page
  2. Elementio Agency Pro Access (this sells for $97)
  3. Exclusive Strategy and Case Studies using Vidgeos and AudioFlow (not released until Jan. 2018)
  4. Exclusive Q&A webinar from Lead Generation Source - includes strategy on video marketing!

Make sure you grab this before the launch ends on Saturday, November 24th at 11:59pm eastern standard time.

Here, I'm testing out some of the Vidgeos options:

Further Clarification on Vidgeos and use with YouTube, Facebook, and other social media:


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