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About Printful Bonus Course

The Printful Bonus Course is exclusively for those of you who SIGN UP FOR PRINTFUL through our link.

For those of you new to Print on Demand, the video below gives you an introduction to the concept and why it is such as great option for many people.

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Printful + Etsy

We teach you should start on the Etsy Marketplace to minimize your fees.  In fact, here’s a link to get 40 free listings when you set up your store (click here).  In the course, we’ll help you get set up and connected.

Direct To Garment Print On Demand Course Example

Designing Products

If you are new to print on demand and don’t know how to design your products – this is the perfect bonus course for you!

We cover both Direct To Garment and All Over (including repeat patterns) using either a free software tool or Adobe.  

These tips alone can speed up your processes!

Questions Answered

Have you considered how you will price your products?

What about expanding beyond your designs?

What products sell well?

We’ve included answers to popular questions, and you are welcome to ask more!

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Learn More About eCommerce

Print on Demand is only ONE eCommerce method.

To find out more about other eCommerce methods, review the ECommerce Monetization Course.