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About Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has quickly become a favorite social media platform, especially for those who blog or provide content.

The video below outlines the basic concepts of Pinterest Marketing and the various elements we teach in Pinterest Marketing.

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Pinterest Marketing 101

While the concept of Pinterest Marketing is simple, it is still a search engine.  This means you need a strategy for marketing on Pinterest so Pinterest users can find your pins.  Get the details from setting up your account and OPTIMIZING (this sets your account apart from most others). 

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Tailwind Tips

If you have Tailwind, you’ll LOVE the walk-through videos we’ve included on maximizing your efforts.  The strategies alone have increased our test account from 372 monthly views to over 400,000 monthly views in only 4 months.  If you don’t have Tailwind, you can see if it’s for you!

Strategy and Case Studies

There are LOTS of suggestions of best practices out there.  Since we test and use Pinterest marketing, we share the BEST and NEWEST strategies as well as case studies.  We test both eCommerce and content marketing strategies (blogging, direct sales, etc.)

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